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Roof Trusses & Floor Trusses

Daecon Trusses are Manufacturers and Suppliers of high-quality Timber Roof & Floor Trusses for the building and construction industry supplying for both commercial and residential projects.

Roof Trusses

Timber Roof Truss Manufacturer

  • Complete roof truss package delivered on site to you by crane truck with easy to follow layout plan and construction manual
  • Hip ends fully trussed and mitred
  • All bracing and brackets for roof trusses included with detailed legend computerised layouts
  • Inexpensive cathedral ceilings through the use of scissor trusses
  • Curved roofs or ceilings and attic spaces not a problem with roof trusses
  • Easy to create complicated roof recesses and bulk heads
  • No messy timber lists
  • No warping or shrinkage as all timbers used are dried timbers¬†
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Floor Trusses

Timber Floor Truss Manufacturer

  • Lightness and strength
  • Facility to run heating ducts/pipes between truss webbing
  • Reduced risk of shrinkage and squeaks
  • Open web design allows for easy installation of services
  • Stiffer floors, less bounce than steel webbed systems
  • Quick and easy installation, no solid blocking, all cut to size
  • Ability to design with steps to allow for rebates.
  • Larger and longer spans than steel webbed systems. ¬†Without the bounce or noise
  • Comparative spans to F17 hardwood without the high price
  • No on site damage unlike steel webbed systems
  • No warping or shrinkage due to all timbers used are dried timbers
  • No restrictions in specific heights which allow us to meet uncommon height requirements
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Timber Suppliers for Roof & Floor Trusses

Timber Supplies

At Daecon Trusses we supply all the timber required for your projects making the whole process easy for you. You can be assured we use high-quality timber for our trusses making sure all building required standards are meet. 

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