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Delivering roof trusses
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Daecon Trusses Factory

Timber Roof & Floor Trusses


Daecon Trusses

Timber Roof & Floor Trusses Manufacturer

Daecon Trusses has been a leading manufacturer and installer of timber roof trusses & floor trusses for many years in Melbourne Victoria. With over 40 years of experience in the building industry and 18 years of supplying high-quality roof and floor trusses for commercial and residential construction companies.

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Roof Trusses by Daecon Trusses


Specialising in Roof Trusses, Floor Trusses & Timber Supplies

Our expertise and focus is the manufacturing of roof and floor trusses, from your drawings, to supply and delivery onsite. Daecon helps make the process easy for you and your business.

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Delivering roof trusses

Our Process

Automation - Quality, Accuracy & Efficency

Technology is vital to Daecon Trusses and we invest in it heavily for the benefit of our customers. At our factory, the manufacturing process is streamlined, efficient and automated.

Technical skills and the latest equipment are combined to produce only the highest quality finished product. State of the art technology provides a level of accuracy unmatched by competitors that DAECON TRUSSES is proud to provide its customers.

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Alpine automated Truss Assembly Machine

Efficient Inspection and delivery. After an order has been placed, our highly trained staff can be on site to conduct a site measurement.

Timber Floor Trusses

We endevour to conduct a site measurements as soon as possible after an order has been placed. 


Daecon Trusses has been a quality manufacturer and of timber roof trusses and floor trusses for many years in Melbourne Victoria. 

Computer Screen for Alpine Truss Assembly

Daecon Trusses proudly uses Pryda, the most trusted brand in Australia of architects, engineers and designers, ensuring the utmost accuracy 100% of the time

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