Daecon Trusses has been a quality manufacturer and installer of timber roof trusses, wall frames, struts, floor joists, floor trusses and structural frames for many years.So when it comes to superior quality, trust Daecon to have mastered both the art and the technology behind what you need.

Extraordinary Turnaround Time

We endevour to conduct site measurements, as soon as possible after an order has been placed.Delivery will be made approximetely within a week.

Sophisticated Technology

Technology is vital to Daecon Trusses and we invest in it heavily for the benefit of our customers.At our factory, the manufacture process is streamlined, efficent, automated and accurate.

Absolutely Spot On

For over 40 years in the Australian building industry, the computer software program PRYDA has played a vital role in the design of timber truss and frame solutions.Daecon proudly uses Pryda, the most trusted brand in Australia of architects, engineers and designers, ensuring the utmost accuracy 100% of the time.

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